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10:51am 26/06/2012
Furnace Chant
Doing some clearing out to try to get out of the bad habit of leaving my clean clothes almost permanently in the livingroom where I dump them after getting home from the laundromat. Just realized( anew---this has come up before a few times), I'm not really the hoarder that some perceive me to be. I just...cannot, apparently, make my brain believe, on a subconscious level, in the existence of objects outside my field of view, no matter how well I know it intellectually. Going through stuff, I have only a very few things I'm hanging onto from impractical sentiment or whatever, and a whole huge lot of things I bought multiples of because I put it away neatly out of sight----and thus out of my mind and memory forever. Going to go look at clear storage drawers( wish those things were cheaper!) and ditch the curtain that I put up because the closet door was busted long ago( doesn't match anything else in the room anyway. Maybe I should make a quilt out of it). I think I actually want some of the wire drawers from Ikea that I just saw online, they're more durable and actually cheaper than the plastic ones. Ikea is kind of a pain to get to, but if it works...Wire storage is what has enabled me to keep my office/sewing space in usable condition for the last two years or so, and it seems every time I try to use something else ends up in uncontrollable chaos.
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